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Custom Programming and Software Development
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Custom Programming and Software Development

Computer Dimensions designs solutions that address the real problem so that you do not spend resources that leave you in the same place you started. Computer Dimensions’ custom business programming can help to automate a manual, inefficient or error-prone process or simply replace an existing solution that has become inefficient or outdated.

Off-the-shelf software is developed to appeal to mass markets of specific industries, in a generalized way. Custom software solutions, designed specifically for your business, can be developed to integrate with off-the-shelf software or be designed as a stand-alone system for your specific needs, giving you an advantage over the competition. Do you want to use the same “it’s fine I guess”, technology as your competitors?

  • Software that is as unique as your business and adaptable to your changing needs
  • Software that works for you, the way you do business, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Software Development team that has extensive experience managing, designing and supporting software for organizations of all sizes across multiple industries.


ABA & Literacy Connects of Tucson

Every year Computer Dimensions looks to play an active role in our community by donating resources to causes looking to make a difference. One such opportunity presented itself at the Arizona Builder’s Alliance Annual Chairman’s Installation Dinner and Auction.


To Err Is Human: So Have A Backup Plan!

It is a certainty that people will make mistakes. This is especially true when speaking about technology. People will yank the wrong plug, click on a malicious link, open a suspicious email attachment, or compromise an entire network with a personal usb key.