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Programming Portfolio

Computer Dimensions programming portfolio

Selected Custom Programming Projects Portfolio

  • Security Screen Masters Manufacturing Management Security Screen Masters - Manufacturing Management

    Web based system for managing inventory, calculating cut list, automate generating manufacturing documents, tracking job status, and integrated invoicing.

  • Volunteer Lawyers Program Managment Database Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education - Volunteer Lawyers Program Managment Database

    Manage large database of volunteer attorneys, support services, clients, clinics, and awards with a variety of reports and custom logic for proprietary information.

  • Caseworks custom crate building application Caseworks - Crating Quote Software

    Custom software used to design and quote custom built crates. Software produces cut sheets for manufacturing and 3D models for graphical representation.

  • ChimpanZoo online research database ChimpanZoo, A division of the Jane Goodall Institute

    Software used to aquire and analyze observation of chimpanzee behaviors.

  • Southwest Gas meter testing system Commercial Gas Meter Testing Software

    Custom software that controls a hydraulic machine and water tank, and which tests for leaks in commercial gas meters by measuring various pressures inside the meter while submerged in water.

  • Kazal intranet bid software Custom Estimating Software

    Web based system for managing bid opportunities, estimates, proposals, contractors and reporting.

  • Golden Pins Point of Sales system Golden Pin Lanes - Point of Sale System

    Custom point of sale system for the lounge and kitchen that manages order taking, customer payments, specials, kitchen communications, and reporting. The software is integraded into vending machines to dispense selected drinks.

  • Platinum letter tracking software HOA Management Letter Tracking system

    Custom software to create, manage and track letters and notifications sent to homeowners.

  • New Horizons rental properties database Rent Roll Database Management System

    Manages and automates many aspects of apartment properties including leases, tenants, rent, fee assesments, payments, deposits and reporting.

  • Contry Collections stamp management applications Stamp Management System

    Automate and manage order entry, inventory, pricing and sales lists for tens of thousands of stamp collections, with an integration into the website.

  • TopTag Pet ID application TopTag Pet ID

    Custom software that runs from a flash drive based animal name tag used to store, organize and retrieve all of your pet's important care information.

  • Wenta and Patrick Construction estimating software Wentz and Patrick Construction - Estimating Software

    Custom software to manage construction material pricing to create and manage quotes.

  • Your company’s custom software project here� Your company’s custom software project here...


ABA & Literacy Connects of Tucson

Every year Computer Dimensions looks to play an active role in our community by donating resources to causes looking to make a difference. One such opportunity presented itself at the Arizona Builder’s Alliance Annual Chairman’s Installation Dinner and Auction.


To Err Is Human: So Have A Backup Plan!

It is a certainty that people will make mistakes. This is especially true when speaking about technology. People will yank the wrong plug, click on a malicious link, open a suspicious email attachment, or compromise an entire network with a personal usb key.