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Most small and mid-sized companies do not have the luxury of having a true chief information officer (CIO) on staff. As a result, executive ownership for IT falls to other leaders who lack the time and expertise to confidently plan, budget, and manage the organization’s IT needs.

Computer Dimensions’ Technology Consulting Services and solutions will provide your business with a technology roadmap that is specifically designed to help you reach your goals. Most IT companies want you to perceive your IT "spending" as an IT “investment.” That’s fine, but at Computer Dimensions, we think about this differently. We want you to ask yourself not how much you spend on IT, or whether your overall budget is going up or down, but rather, how are you investing those resources and what impact is it having on helping your organization accomplish its business objectives and attain success for the long term? The following are some of the benefits of having Computer Dimensions as your CIO:

  • ROI for the life of your business - with IT Planning for scalable technology solutions
  • Technology advisers at your side at all times - with our team of IT specialists and process management expertise
  • Hardware and software evaluation for major purchases - when necessary, even negotiate on your behalf
  • Develop and help business owners gain consensus around a multi-year strategic IT plan, budget and technology roadmap
  • IT initiatives that align with and support business objectives
  • Better utilization and management of existing IT resources


ABA & Literacy Connects of Tucson

Every year Computer Dimensions looks to play an active role in our community by donating resources to causes looking to make a difference. One such opportunity presented itself at the Arizona Builder’s Alliance Annual Chairman’s Installation Dinner and Auction.


To Err Is Human: So Have A Backup Plan!

It is a certainty that people will make mistakes. This is especially true when speaking about technology. People will yank the wrong plug, click on a malicious link, open a suspicious email attachment, or compromise an entire network with a personal usb key.