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Unique IT Support Services

Jeff Wienman Computer Dimensions President

8 Superpowers Computer Dimensions Delivers to Your Business

  1. We get to know you and your business objectives before we proceed. Every business is unique. In order for us to provide the best IT solutions, we must first understand your business operations and what is most important to you, before we make any specific recommendations. We will spend whatever time it takes with you to get it right and this is evident in the quality of our service.
  2. We solve and repair problems before they can disrupt your business and prior to you even knowing that you have them. With Computer Dimensions monitoring solution we can identify problems as they occur. Typically, most computer problems that do occur can be fixed remotely, almost immediately. We do this 24/7 so that you can rest assured that your computer network is up and running when you need it. In the event that remote repair is not possible, we automatically send a Computer Dimensions analyst on site.
  3. We guarantee a response within 2 hours. One of our experienced computer network technicians will respond to your request almost immediately and begin working on the problem, or at minimum, will respond within 2 hours. We guarantee this.
  4. No Unpleasant Surprises. Network servers, computers, and backup systems need regular maintenance in order to keep them running optimally and supporting your business well. We implement a strictly adhered to monthly and quarterly maintenance schedule and share with you any potential issues so you're informed at all times.
  5. Top 1%. Computer Dimensions has very stringent hiring practices and only the best are hired, not just in technical expertise, but also in character. In fact, we only hire approximately 1% of all computer technician applicants. So, guess who is hiring the other 99%?
  6. No technical propeller-head gibberish. We recognize that we serve at your pleasure and we strive to be your long-term business partner to help maintain and grow your business. We will always treat you with respect and provide clear answers to your questions. You will never be made to feel stupid by technical jargon from our IT staff.
  7. Unconditional satisfaction guaranteed. Our collective business experience that we rely on to make sound business recommendations is second to none. You can expect 100% satisfaction with Computer Dimensions products, IT consulting, and technology support services. We will bend over backwards with our IT management services to take advantage of every opportunity for your company's success. If you communicate to us that you are unsatisfied in any way, then we will fix it, without any hassle, and make it right. We've got your back. That's our promise to you.
  8. We go the Extra Mile! See Below...

Jack Computer Dimensions Vice President

The Extra Mile and What It Means To You

First, we protect you!

  • Professional Errors & Omissions Insurance: You should always ask any IT support company that you are considering hiring about their Professional Indemnity Insurance. It may surprise you to know that many IT service companies either have inadequate insurance or no insurance coverage at all. Don’t take the risk with your business. At Computer Dimensions, Inc., we take your data seriously and do everything in our power to ensure that it is secure, and in the event of a disaster, recoverable. That is why we’ve taken the extra step of having a $1 million professional errors and omissions insurance policy in place.

Your Go-To Resource for all things:

  • Negotiations and Contract Reviews: With our teams’ diverse experience, we can manage new negotiations and resulting contracts on your behalf. We have saved our clients many thousands of dollars and hours of time by using our experience to negotiate better rates, fees, prices and terms for a variety of technology related goods and services.
  • Vendor Management: We can be your point of contact for all your technology related services - computers, ISP, website management, printers, telephones, faxes, mobile devices or enterprise software.
  • Hardware and Software Evaluation For Major Purchases: We will negotiate on your behalf.
  • Technology Adviser: We will help you think about the pros and cons of any given course of action that involves technology. Having us as your CIO will allow you to maximize your time and focus on your core business.
  • Another Pair of Eyes and Ears: We can help you evaluate particular meetings/presentations/proposals. We share business (and life) knowledge ranging from marketing, hiring, organization all the way to strategy. We truly approach you as a partnership relationship.
  • Analyze Your Business Processes and Make Recommendations: We can help you become more efficient, competitive, and profitable.


ABA & Literacy Connects of Tucson

Every year Computer Dimensions looks to play an active role in our community by donating resources to causes looking to make a difference. One such opportunity presented itself at the Arizona Builder’s Alliance Annual Chairman’s Installation Dinner and Auction.


To Err Is Human: So Have A Backup Plan!

It is a certainty that people will make mistakes. This is especially true when speaking about technology. People will yank the wrong plug, click on a malicious link, open a suspicious email attachment, or compromise an entire network with a personal usb key.