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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Companies of all sizes and industries are taking advantage of the Cloud. It has increasingly become the solution of choice due to its many benefits such as ease of management and scalability. The Cloud is simply computer technology that runs, processes and stores information (data) in an offsite data center or secure co-location facility instead of on your device, be it a server, phone or wireless tablet. With Cloud technologies, the device you use is simply the doorway to the technology you use and view in the Cloud where the actual information resides. Cloud technologies span from simple consumer level services such as photo sharing to complex enterprise level business information systems. Computer Dimensions works with organizations to understand and assess the viability of cloud service options and architects solutions best suited for your business.

  • Reduce the amount of equipment on your computer network
  • Go green – lower electric bills with fewer servers
  • Capital expenditures can be converted to an operating expense
  • Access to your data from anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Scalability - rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand
  • Speed of deployment
  • Redundancy

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