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The Perfect Blend: Co-Managed IT in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ

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Co-workers giving a high-fiveAs a small business owner, you know technology is essential to success. But keeping up with the latest security threats, trends, and updates can be overwhelming. Your existing IT team has enough on their plate just managing day-to-day operations. That's why you need our co-managed IT for Tucson and Phoenix, AZ, businesses. You'll gain valuable insight and support when you use our team of experts to augment your existing staff. We'll work alongside your team to fill critical roles, take on support burdens, and enhance your existing capabilities. Plus, you can tailor our services to meet your needs, which helps reduce costs compared to hiring and training additional staff. So, give your team the support it needs by booking a consultation with us today.

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The Challenges of Not Having Enough IT Support

collage of cartoon headshotsToday's business leaders understand that to achieve the business's strategic objectives, it is necessary to drive technology innovation.
The difficulty lies in balancing the ability to scale technology innovation with the growth of the business. Often, this balancing act leaves gaps in your IT strategy, such as:

  • Lack of resources that makes it difficult to keep up with the latest IT trends
  • Security risks that leave your business more vulnerable to cyber attacks
  • Limited expertise leads to knowledge gaps and slower response times

These business gaps are where our co-managed IT services in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ, can help. Our collaborative solutions can help your business regain focus and elevate your in-house IT staff with a trusted partner. We can help you with the following:
  • Fill critical roles with our specialized services
  • Take on support burdens
  • Augment existing capabilities
  • Help with software development

Our managed IT model is built around collaboration between our team and yours. We'll work closely with you to understand what your business needs and tailor our services accordingly. Get started today by scheduling your consultation.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Additional Team Members without Overhead Costs

When your business has a co-managed IT model, you get all the benefits of having a wide breadth of industries and knowledge without the overhead costs or headaches of hiring additional full-time IT team members. We work in conjunction with your team to deliver the best results.
We're based locally in the areas of Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, so we deeply understand the local market dynamics. This localization enables us to deliver customized solutions suited for your business, like any of the following:

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Flexible Services

Our complementary services are meant to augment your staff, whether you are a team of one or more than 10. We can tailor our services and support to align precisely with your needs. Some of the services included in co-managed IT include: virtual servers, asset management, Office 365, and remote network monitoring.

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Strategic IT Planning

When it comes to having co-managed IT in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ, you get the advantage of long-term strategic IT planning. We'll work with you to develop an IT roadmap that provides compressive support, optimization, and scalability now and moving forward. It's like we'll be your virtual chief information officer!

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Service Desk Support

Just like those who use our team as a fully managed service provider, your co-managed IT services include service desk support. Reduce the burden of day-to-day support pressure, and let our team deliver trusted and personal support to your business. You'll get the highest level of network support without the extra effort.

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Cloud Management

Do you ever wish you could access company files while on the road traveling to clients? Or how about working from home when it's just too hot to go outside? We will partner with your organization to understand and assess the viability of cloud service options and architect flexible solutions best suited for your business.

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Business Continuity

Our team will partner with you to create a detailed and appropriate strategy. We'll also help to conduct risk assessments so that your business can be up and working as soon as possible in the event of a disaster. Let us help you implement the necessary plan and technology to keep your business productive.

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Cyber Security & Compliance

Reduce your risk and stress by letting our expert security team provide a holistic security strategy. You'll receive a customized real-time protection solution, threat intelligence, auditing, and ongoing data and network security management. Our team will also ensure compliance with the regulations of your industry.

Get the Co-Managed IT Support You Deserve

If your internal IT team needs extra support, look no further than us for co-managed IT services in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. Our expert team is ready to take some of the burdens off your existing IT team, so they can focus on day-to-day operations or more strategic initiatives—whichever works best for you! Get in touch with us today to schedule your consultation!

See What Industries Turn to Us for Co-Managed Support

Saguaro cactus and Arizona desert landscape at sunsetOur clients value working with us because we believe in long-term partnerships. Whenever you need us, we'll be there—whether it's troubleshooting an issue or helping you plan for future growth.
Our services are designed with this partnership approach in mind for those who want co-managed IT in Tucson or Phoenix, AZ. By working closely together over time, we'll understand your business process deeply. This detailed approach allows us to provide even more targeted solutions that meet your evolving needs. Click your industry below to see how we can better serve you.

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The whole team are extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and easy to talk to! Their support team have been very attentive to all aspects of our IT infrastructure. They check in with us regularly to make sure both technical and business processes are running smoothly.

Warren Kueffer, IT Manager - Anewco Products Inc.

Take Advantage of the Co-Managed IT Service Model Now!

You want your business to succeed, so you hire only the best of the best. But sometimes, even the best needs a little assistance. The problem is that hiring more full-time team members for your internal IT staff takes a lot of money and gives you a headache, making you feel you don't have the time or capital to take on. We believe every small business deserves a wide range of IT knowledge and expertise, and we understand your concerns. We will partner with your internal IT team to bring the additional experts you need to round out your team properly. Here's how we do it:

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1. Tell Us Your Business Needs

Let's have a conversation and talk about what your business needs to succeed. Let us know where you feel there are gaps in your IT management and where you'd like some additional assistance.

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2. We'll Design a CUSTOM Plan

Once we better understand your business and where you need additional support, we'll develop a customized plan to propel your business forward—all for one low monthly price.

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3. Put Our Partnership to Work

Now, we can put our plan into action. We'll provide the additional support your team needs. We'll constantly reevaluate your needs to provide the most value for your business.

So please book a consultation with us today to discuss co-managed IT for your Tucson or Phoenix, AZ, business. And in the meantime, check out these six big reasons why more businesses choose Computer Dimensions as their technology partner.

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