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Professional Services

Professional Services

The professional services industry is best described as a balancing act of adopting new technology to gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously adhering to intense regularity and compliance requirements as you deal with sensitive client information. While the industry drives innovation, companies must meet the daily challenges of information needing to be mobile, cyber criminals targeting your industry, regulatory compliance and scalable and adaptable solutions.

I am more satisfied with the service provided by Computer Dimensions than anyone I have worked with in the last forty years. They properly evaluated my needs, maintain the continuing smooth operations and are responsive to inquiries.

Louis Stamler, CPA

The Right IT Partner When You Need to Balance Innovation & Security

Executives in the professional services industry need to make wise decisions about the new technologies that they adopt. Updated technologies must benefit the business direction, the customer experience, the fluidness of implementation into the existing infrastructure as well as meeting the security requirements and integrity of confidential data.

Computer Dimensions has been partnering with companies in the professional services industry for nearly twenty years. We have helped our partners develop customized solutions that have increased the efficiencies and reliability of their critical workflow. We have designed and implemented multi-layered security methodologies that meet stringent compliance requirements and help keep cyberthreats at bay. Our “business outcomes first – technology second” approach has aligned perfectly with our clients. We develop strategic IT plans that are always aligned with our client partner’s business goals. Computer Dimensions understands that leaders in the professional services arena need business partners, not just techs, and we deliver on that promise.

Computer Dimensions is a great company with quality people. I have known the leadership team at Computer Dimensions for many years and they do a fantastic job. I understand how important it is to find trusted professional services partners which is why I have recommended their services to many of our clients and will continue to do so.

Bryan Eto, CPA/Shareholder

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