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Who Is Computer Dimensions

Computer Dimensions, Inc., headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, is a fast-growing information technology and consulting company, founded in 1995. We provide professional IT products, services, and solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. We help our clients maintain optimal network performance, gain a competitive advantage in their market, and increase their bottom line. We are not afraid to do things differently. And we are driven by our company mantra and an inspiring set of values that shape our culture and our services for the better.

The Computer Dimensions Mantra:

Be Awesome!

1. causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear. Swimming with dolphins is cool, swimming with whales is awesome.

Our “Core 8” Values

These are the values that shape our company culture and guide us in who we are and how we do business. They’re what we look for in every employee. As Computer Dimensions evolves and grows, our values remain constant.

  1. Team First - The strength of the wolf is in the pack. Great ideas and innovation can originate from anywhere and a team environment embraces this principle. A team culture also promotes asking for help, not if, but when you need it.
  2. Unyielding Integrity - Being ethical, honest and inspiring trust. We say what we mean and do what we say. We take full responsibility for our actions. Doing the right thing is never a question of convenience.
  3. Elevate The Customer Experience - We seek to elevate the total experience for our customers. We make decisions with the customer's objectives as the primary driver and strive to over-deliver on a consistent basis.
  4. Strive For Excellence - Aim small miss small. We strive for the highest levels of achievement and failing that we are still proud of where we land.
  5. Sweat The Small Stuff - The devil is in the details. Big problems often require simple answers. In fact, big problems are often avoided entirely by paying attention to details.
  6. Glass Walls - We embrace transparency in our business practices both internal and external. We are honest and direct with ourselves, our employees, and our customers.
  7. Play - We associate play with curiosity, positiveness and energy. Play is at the heart of innovation, risk-taking and spontaneity. Most importantly, play is about laughing and having some fun with what you do for eight hours a day.
  8. Give Something Back -Purpose should never be tied exclusively to profitability. Whether it's time, talent or resources, we always strive to give back to the community and make a difference.

Community Involvement

We think it is our responsibility to contribute to the community in which we live and work. Computer Dimensions gives back in many ways - by giving employees time to support the causes they believe in, by donating to various projects and causes and by partnering with groups who look to make a difference.

Harvest for Hope
Harvest for Hope is dedicated to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. That is why we have been a long-time supporter and sponsor of Harvest for Hope, a local event that collects food and raises proceeds that are donated to Catalina Community Services (CCS) which in turn distributes food, clothing, and other support services to those in need. Together, along with other sponsors, we have raised more than 22,000 pounds of food since Harvest for Hope first started in 2006.

Arizona Builders Alliance Volunteer Day
Computer Dimensions is a member of the ABA and proud to be involved with it’s annual Volunteer Day. Each year the Arizona Builders’ Alliance gives back to the community by choosing a charitable organization in need of free renovation assistance. A great cause that helps a non-profit facility that helps those in need.

CAPLA Scholarships
The University of Arizona’s College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture is the nation's leader in sustainable design and planning for arid regions. We are proud to contribute to scholarship funds helping local education and industry.

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