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Healthcare IT Services That Delivers Security Best Practices

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Healthcare organizations are heavily invested in technology with the expectations of increased quality of care and reduction in cost while maintaining regulatory compliance and competitiveness in the market. Healthcare executives are under tremendous pressure to deliver on this promise in a dynamic industry where regulations, cost restrictions, skills and staffing issues, compliance and cyber security threats all compete for resources and funding.

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Technology plays an integral role in almost every aspect of today’s healthcare practice from patient care to communication to business operations. Contending with the complexity and speed of which technology is changing as well as the growing oversight and regulations has medical leadership overwhelmed. Finding a strategic IT partner to help manage the multiple stages of the healthcare operations is critical to the ongoing success of any healthcare organization.

Computer Dimensions offers strategic partnership and customized solutions which help healthcare practices make the best decisions about their IT investment. We take into account your organization’s vision for growth while developing strategies to meet compliance for managing health records and equipping staff with the right technology tools that allow for excellent patient care. Computer Dimensions works with its client partners to create reliable networks that do not cause frustrations for staff and patients. We understand the need for reliability and speed allowing for efficient test results and analysis, EMR processes, prescriptions, billing and insurance and sharing of data between offices. Our security best practices and custom disaster recovery methods will help you meet your security and compliance (HIPPA) needs while providing peace of mind that you and your patients are well protected from cybersecurity threats. The right technology will help your practice thrive and Computer Dimensions will provide the IT guidance needed to help your healthcare business grow and succeed.

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