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A Few IT Testimonials to Prove You'll Be Making the Right Decision

Responsive, Respectful & Reliable

As a new Computer Dimensions client, I feel compelled to share my experience and hope it will be helpful to others considering a change in their IT service provider. We presented Computer Dimensions with the unique challenge of not only transitioning IT support for our corporate office and remote sites but also simultaneously looked to their team for layout and wiring plan recommendations during the remodel and expansion of our Northern AZ satellite office. The Computer Dimensions team met the challenge and exceeded our expectations for both the general transition from our previous IT support provider and the special support needed for the satellite office remodel and expansion. The transition was smooth, well managed and had minimal impact on our daily operations which was critical to our business. We&rsqou;ve found the Computer Dimensions team to be responsive, respectful of and attentive to our concerns, reliable when setting expectations and meeting them and creative in finding solutions that fit our budget and business needs. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Computer Dimensions.

Vast Industry Knowledge

We have been partnering with the team from Computer Dimensions since June of 2013 and have been very pleased with their services. Their knowledge of computerized systems and security threats has been invaluable. They understand the value of relationships and we can always count on them to be there when we need them. I highly recommend the team from Computer Dimensions to anyone looking for an excellent IT partner!

Computer Dimensions Delivers!

We left our previous IT company because we liked the all-inclusive transparent pricing model Computer Dimensions offered. After multiple months of having Computer Dimensions on board, a new server, new accounting software, a new office and dealing with multiple vendors; I can happily confirm they have exceeded our expectations as a true partner. They are great at managing customer relationships and the entire CD team consistently deliver on their promises. It&rsqou;s an explosive paradigm, and Computer Dimensions has it figured out. They truly have become a valued partner in our business.

Paula Paula
Friends We Have Grown To Trust

Computer Dimensions is an integral part of our business. They have helped us expand our office, optimize our network and develop software specific to our industry. They always take the time to understand our needs and guide us in the right direction. The biggest benefit is that we have a computer service provider that we have grown to trust and that operates with integrity. Their technicians have excellent customer service skills and we consider them friends.

No Down Time

I appreciate the responsiveness of the staff. It is wonderful to know that I can count on someone to fix any issues that we have very quickly. Thanks to that responsiveness we have little to no downtime.

Lonny Lonny
An IT Vendor That Will Deliver On Their Promises!

Computer Dimensions was the right partner for us. We needed help getting our business updated with technology that allowed us to focus on running the business without headaches. The team at Computer Dimensions explained what needed to be done and then followed through without excuses or delays. They exhibited the kind of professionalism and accountability I wish I could expect from all our vendors. In addition, the staff at Computer Dimensions is very personable and easy to deal with. They understand what we do and help us to use our technology to stay ahead of the curve. If you need an IT vendor that will deliver on their promises, call Computer Dimensions!

WOW, So Nice To Have Computer Dimensions On OUR TEAM!

As our business grew, so did our turnaround time and the need to work smarter and more efficiently through technology. From previous interactions with the team from Computer Dimensions I knew EXACTLY who to call, and we&rsqou;re HAPPY WE DID!

SSM Manufacturing receives their orders on a daily basis via fax. It USE to take 3 employees 3 full days to process the orders for one day. Everything was hand written and hand drawn, even the math was calculated for each and every piece a customer order. The potential for making mistakes was far greater than we wanted it to be. We&rsqou;re human and this was a very human process. With the help of the team at Computer Dimensions we have completely streamlined our operation. It now takes 1 employee LESS than 1 day to process even more orders than we were getting then. Our employees are no longer frustrated by the process and our turnaround time is back to where we need it to be. As for billing, well I DON’T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT OUR OLD BILLING! We were trying to figure out every week what customer was in what city, who pays taxes and at what rate. Now, with our custom system it is so easy to assemble billing packets for each city with the correct tax charges. WOW, so nice to have Computer Dimensions on OUR TEAM! Thanks again guys!!!...

Warren Warren
A Dedicated IT Team!

Computer Dimensions has helped Anewco Products with its IT needs and we are very happy with their service. Jeff, Jack and the whole team are extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and easy to talk to! Their support team have been very attentive to all aspects of our IT infrastructure. They check in with us regularly to make sure both technical and business processes are running smoothly. Most items are handled proactively, but when issues do arise they are quick to respond and resolve. Most issues, big or small, are resolved same day. I recommend joining the Computer Dimensions family if you are looking for a dedicated IT team!

Katie Katie
Always Available

Nothing but excellent things to say about Computer Dimensions! They modernized our entire IT infrastructure as well as put the safety practices in place to keep all our information protected. They are always available for the everyday IT questions and issues that come up, whether it’s during regular business hours or after hours on a weekend. Highly recommend!!

Approached Our Business As A Custom Project!

I have been very impressed with the prompt and comprehensive service that we have received from Computer Dimensions. They have approached our small business as a custom project. They listen, research and bring knowledge of best practices and solutions specifically catered to our company. I feel great that I no longer have to field IT questions from my staff and can confidently trust the C-Dim team to resolve any concerns. I think our employees are much happier to have better support than I could ever give them myself. I am much happier knowing I have a reliable IT team managing our technology and a partner in our business goals.

Miguel Miguel
Smart People Who Care

Computer Dimension: Smart people who care. One of the few companies I’ve worked with that takes their time to understand their customer needs and at the same time provide a quick customized turnaround solution.

Monica Monica
Computer Dimensions Is Awesome!

Computer Dimensions is awesome! We called the CDim team to help us transition our entire IT infrastructure to a more modern platform. From day 1 they gave us excellent consultation and helped set expectations that minimized any downtime. They were always available day or night. We now have a technology infrastructure that is modern and allows us to work at the speed necessary to stay on top of our construction industry. The whole Computer Dimensions team is friendly, professional and we are excited to have them as partners. Highly recommended for anyone needing a top notch IT partner!

Visionary Long Term Planning

We appreciate many aspects of Computer Dimensions, from fast and capable emergency service with very competent and pleasant people to visionary and effective long-term planning. We wouldn’t want to trust our computer network to anyone else. They are a vital component to our effectiveness.

Vital To Our Growth!

Computer Dimensions has been vital to the growth and stability of Sunwest through the management and support of our business operating systems. We consider them vital business partners and friends.

Audrey Audrey
Part Of Our Family!

Computer Dimensions is more than a technology service, they make our staff feel as though they are the only ones receiving their services. The team has always been prompt in getting back to us for the many calls we make. Any time we call, Computer Dimensions is there to help with the service call, always friendly and professional. I am comfortable and trust the entire Computer Dimensions team. Jack and Charlie are wonderful, knowledgeable, reassuring and patient. Jeff has always been very personable and helpful in guiding us through the many phases of our technology planning. We are grateful to have them as our IT team and part of our ALL family.

Louis Louis
Best Service I Have Experienced!

I am more satisfied with the service provided by Computer Dimensions than anyone I have worked with in the last forty years. They properly evaluated my needs, maintain the continuing smooth operations and are responsive to inquiries. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of IT services.

George George
Expert, Timely, & Friendly Service

I highly recommend Computer Dimensions. C-Dim provided invaluable expert advice about the various type of technology, equipment and services that our school required to get started. Over the past two years, C-Dim has delivered expert, timely, and friendly service. President Jeff Weinman and VP Jack Enfield are accessible and responsive, and C-Dim&rsqou;s techs—including Charlie, Brian, and Pete—are knowledgeable, professional, and patient.

EVERYONE At CDim Knows Us And How We Operate!

Jeff, Jack, Damian, Brian, Vick... We’ve only been with Computer Dimensions for a few months and I believe that they are an integral ingredient to our success. I really appreciate that we don’t have a single designated point person. EVERYONE at CDim knows us and how we operate. It depends on what the problem is or a certain project that we are implementing as to who will respond. In the short time we’ve been with Computer Dimensions they’ve built us a new server, converted our system to a domain network, prepped us for a new financial software implementation, renegotiated our internet/phone deal and completely re-cabled the new building we purchased. We are experiencing much growth and many changes here at RG & Sons Plumbing, and I am confident in having Computer Dimensions as a team mate in this endeavor.

Lester Lester
Their Industry Knowledge And Expertise Has Been Invaluable!

We have been a client of Computer Dimensions since 1990. They&rsqou;ve taken care of all our computer needs, networking, e-mail, custom software, security and all the daily frustrating computer problems. They are very efficient, understand sense of urgency, and are always available. Their industry knowledge and expertise has been invaluable. I would highly recommend them.

Quality Service & Awesome Customer Support!

Computer Dimensions has been a big factor in our success and growth over the years and continues help us move forward with the latest in computer technology. They have a fantastic group of employees and invest time to understand their customers. Our design, manufacturing, and sales software (along with our occasional ineptness...!) can be a handful to manage but the crew at Computer Dimensions keeps everything on track. They are a leader in their industry and we highly recommend them.

Jennifer Jennifer
Above And Beyond Service!

Excellent service and willing to serve above and beyond! We appreciate the fast response times, the team approach so the problems get solved, and we love the personality of this company- professional, courteous, and a fun sense of humor. Highly recommended!

We Feel Like Their Only Client

What I like most is the people who perform the services. They are sincere, personable, competent, professional, experienced, courteous and caring. They make you feel like you are their only client.

Rebecca Rebecca
A Tailored IT Support Team!

Computer Dimensions is “Number 1” on Miramonte Homes speed dial for any technical or IT Assistance we need. We can always count on them to investigate and execute any troubleshooting we may have. On top of it all, their experts are always heightening on Customer Service; a pleasure to work with remotely AND in person. We recommend Computer Dimensions if you want a tailored IT support team to maximize your potential.

A Wonderful Asset

The team at Computer Dimensions have been a wonderful asset. We know we can count on them when computer issues arise. They are very quick to respond and work diligently to solve any issues so we are not down any longer than necessary. They then take the necessary steps to understand the issue and permanently fix the root problem so we are not impacted by the same headaches in the future.

Sue Sue
We Couldn’t Be Happier!

Our company had an IT company in another state, and it was a nightmare. We were always experiencing issues, communication was terrible, and we had no real understanding of our technology. Things have certainly been different since coming onboard with Computer Dimensions. We have been taken care of in a timely fashion and all their employees are friendly and knowledgeable. They explain things clearly and work with us on important issues such as security and compliance. We couldn’t be happier, I would recommend this company to anyone searching for a true IT partner!

Computer Dimensions Equals Excellent Customer Service

The gang at Computer Dimensions is the best!!! Computer Dimensions makes using technology completely painless. On those occasions when some weird things do occur, one of their team is always available to fix it. Anytime we need help or technology guidance someone from the C-Dim team is available and knowledgeable, regardless of whom I&rsqou;m speaking with. Computer Dimensions equals excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

Having Computer Dimensions On Our Side Is A Huge Relief!

Having Computer Dimensions On Our Side Is A Huge Relief! As a business owner, I am always concerned about the stability and security of our systems and data. It seems like in today’s world it is not a question of if but when will something affect our business/personal files? Just one wrong button by an employee and bam, my whole company is in jeopardy! Having the Computer Dimensions team on our side is a huge relief. Whenever we call or need support, the team is already ahead of us and it is so cool to watch them “zip” around either remotely or on site to resolve any problems permanently. Admittedly, we might have been a little skeptical at first, but soon after and now years later, they are unquestionably on our side where they will stay without doubt!! From all the Owners and Employees, thanks Computer Dimensions!!

Impactful IT Solutions For The Commercial Construction Industry!

In 2011, the Computer Dimensions team joined the Arizona Builders Alliance and they’ve become an integral part of what we do. They maintain a seat on our advisory board and are always willing to help and consult with our members. I really value their expertise as well as their sincerity of really wanting to make a difference. What they bring to the to the commercial construction industry are sophisticated IT solutions that matter and create immediate impact

Their Attention To Detail Is Outstanding!

We recently outgrew our current IT support after many years. We performed a detailed search for an IT company that could service the many facets of a growing full-service commercial real estate company that has various divisions and needs - from development to construction to asset/property management to leasing/brokerage. We needed an IT solution that could standardize our IT systems to serve the needs of our employees. After interviewing multiple companies, Computer Dimensions stood out as a company that listened to our needs, concerns, and wishes regarding IT integration and services for our business. Their attention to both our macro and micro needs has been outstanding, and we are very satisfied that we have the right IT partner watching out for us so that we can concentrate on our business without spending time worrying about our IT.

Makes Communication Easy - Gets Things Done

We reached out to Computer Dimensions because we outgrew our previous support model. The current technology infrastructure was holding us back from where we needed to be operationally. Additionally, our security platform needed an overhaul. Computer Dimensions helped us on all fronts. Their knowledge of the manufacturing industry and personal touch with our business was exactly what we were looking for. They make communication easy and get things done in a timely manner. Computer Dimensions is an integral part of our team and I’m very thankful for it!

Nancy Nancy
There When You Need Them!

Computer Dimensions came through for us during a crucial time for the business. We were in the midst of a large facilities move across town when we lost our internal IT support. On short notice, we were able to bring in the Computer Dimensions’ team to help with the move. They helped manage the vendors such as phones and cabling and worked diligently to make the move as smooth as possible. They even helped move delicate IT equipment themselves not trusting it to the traditional movers. Beyond the move, Computer Dimensions helped us better manage all our proprietary geology workflows specific to trace analyses in the mining industry. They were able to help us modernize and increase our security posture which had been a big concern. We are very happy with Computer Dimensions and know that we can trust them even in the most difficult of situations. Thanks Computer Dimensions!

Bob Bob
Worked Tirelessly To Make Us Secure & Compliant

The team from Computer Dimensions hit the ground running for us from day one. They worked diligently both day and night to make sure our environment was both secure and compliant while taking the time to learn how our organization operated. It was a huge relief to have trusted professionals with a high level of expertise manage and modernize our entire technology infrastructure, especially with the added difficulties of so many remote offices. Their support team is personable and responsive, and they never make excuses. It would be impossible for us to operate effectively and efficiently without a trusted IT partner, and we have found one with Computer Dimensions.

Jody Jody
Hiring Computer Dimensions Was A Stroke of Genius!

It has been great working with Computer Dimensions and their entire team is respectful, communicative, and hard working. Computer Dimensions is very proactive and takes the time to understand the unique needs of our school. Their support team is very respectful of our culture, mission and staff. They appear to be always striving for better results and innovative answers. I especially appreciate the transparency of the leadership team making sure I understand exactly what is happening. I would recommend Computer Dimensions to any school looking for a wonderful IT partner.

Aleen Aleen
Takes The Time To Understand Our Business!

I have tremendous appreciation for Computer Dimensions and the service they provide to our medical practice. Before we partnered with Computer Dimension, our technology was overly complicated with many components nearing or already past their end of life. The Computer Dimensions team delivered a clear and effective roadmap to bring our technology up to speed while taking the time to understand our business objectives. They communicate with us regularly and are always very responsive. The entire team is familiar with our unique environment and they are very easy and pleasant to interact with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a long-term IT partner!

Shirley Shirley
Friendly, Knowledgeable and Dedicated!

We are so appreciative of the leadership and staff of Computer Dimensions for their willingness to help us during a very difficult transition. Their compassion and understanding to our staff did not go unnoticed. Everyone on the CD team is friendly and knowledgeable and our dedicated account manager helps us manage all the support to our statewide locations. They have helped us with all aspects of our technology and help us plan for the future of the organization. Computer Dimensions is an important part of our family.

Reliable, Strategic, Expert & Friendly

We have been partners with Computer Dimensions since 2015. As an innovative construction and design company, it was necessary to find an IT partner that would align our technology with the goals and growth of the business. Computer Dimensions has been there every step of the way and keeps our business running smoothly while always looking to the future with a strategic approach to our operation. We can call them anytime for support with confidence that a knowledgeable and friendly team member will take care our needs. Having an IT partner we can depend on has been a large factor in our success.

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